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be charged by experts to offer quality services.

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When training your puppy the command "Come" , situate yourself a good distance away from your dog. Get down into a position of kneeling or bending down while saying your puppy's name and then using the command "Come" during some mildly frantic clapping. This should engage your puppy to come. Go ahead and repeat this many repetitions as needed in order to get your puppy to come on command every time. Once the puppy seems to understand this routine, slowly extend the distance at which you are from him. Eventually your puppy should be able come even at a fairly long distance.

One thing to remember is don't make the error in asking him to come from a long-distance when it is obvious that he is not giving his attention to you. When this happens, and you continue to let it happen, you simply are teaching him that you are okay with him ignoring you. This training session of pre-training your puppy allows you to get him to respond and pay attention to you when you ask him to do so.

An additional challenging activity that not only you will love but also your dog loves happens to be fetching. And of course, a dog owner will usually use the command "Fetch". Even if your dog is not of a retrieving breed, fetching can still be learned fairly easily. It is not only a great way to challenge your puppy and exercise him but it also happens to be a nice starting point for learning other tasks that your dog can learn eventually like getting the newspaper.

If you have patience, teaching a dog to retrieve can be very fun and simple if you don't expect a flawless performance right off the bat. Keep in mind that not all puppies will take to this task immediately, mostly when the puppy would be of the shy andor independent type. Just remember to not give up. You'll find that the rewards of successfully teaching your dog to fetch are very great. Also , the younger your dog is, the more likely it will be easier.

First, simply put a knot into a sock or rag (it is better if it is light in color) and then dangle it frantically in front of the puppies nose and mouth. Encourage him by throwing at a short distance if he seems to start looking it or opening his mouth to take it. At first, throw the sock a few feet in front of the puppy so that he can see it easily. If he goes after it to smell it, praise him happily instantly. If he goes to pick the sock up, try to get him to come back to you by frantically calling his name, telling him to come, banging the floor with your hands , clapping or doing what it takes to encourage him to come back with the sock. One thing you should not do is overdue this routine. Two or three repetitions is enough and if he seems not interested only do it once.

Eventually, lengthen your throw of the sock as far as you can while making sure he continues to come back with it. If he does seem to want to run away with it, tie a rope to his collar and then gently guide him back towards you after he retrieves the sock. Some people will tie the rope to the retrieved object in order to help guide the puppy back. If you do use a ball instead remember only to throw it far enough as to allow the puppy to see it and also bring it back.

Professionals give advice of using a brightly colored retrieval ball that can easily be seen. Instead of starting out throwing it, gently roll it off the pups nose from the top of the head. If he seems not interested, face him towards the wall and repeat. The ball will likely bring more attention after bouncing off the wall.

The "Come" and "Fetch" commands can be a great fun and exciting challenge for your dog that will help bond you two closer. Just a short amount of time will be needed to introduce your dog to these fun and helpful commands that every dog should know.
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If you have found that information helpful, also look at some information on getting a dog collar and leash for you dog. While you are at it,find out more about dog training classes.

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